Season 2015

The season 2015 started with some good training camps with the Austria Climbing Team including two big camps on rock in Fontainebleau (FRA) in February and in Saint Léger (FRA) in March. With a really good preparation the competitons started:

2 weeks in France

after the Eych in Edinburgh there were two boulder competitions for me in Längenfeld, Austria. I did the boulder comps just for training and fun, because I concentrate on lead climbing, where I have bigger chances to succeed. 

The summer holidays started and I had the opportunity to travel to France with the Austria Climbing Team for 2 weeks! Our first stop was Chamonix, where the first Lead World Cup 2015 was held. I was really close to getting into semifinals, but the routes at adult World Cups are really different compared to the youth comps. I finished on 34th. position.

The second stop was the worldcup in Briancon. I messed up the first qualification round, because I forgot to set a heelhook. Luckily I was able to climb really good in the second route and I made it into semifinals for the first time! I really enjoyed climbing in semis with a great crowd behind me and I fell at the crux move like 9 other competitors. This was enough for the 17th place!

© Eddie Fowke


After Briancon, I went to La Saume for one day of rockclimbing with some friends. I tried one 8a and fell at the second last move on my second try! I also did a few easier routes :-) It was just a perfect day! 
Then the youth team arrived and I participated at the EYCH in Bouldering in L'argentiere. I didn't train a lot for bouldering so I was more or less happy with the 15th place I made. 
The time in France was an unforgettable experience and I hope I can do that next year again! 

© Eddie Fowke

European Youth Championship (L) Edinburgh 12.06.15

With my first place in Imst I qualified for the EYCH, which were held in Edinburgh as last year, where I became 5th. This year they added a semifinal. This was big luck for me, because I had "time out" in both qualifications (15th place). If there hadn't been semifinals I would have been out ouf finals! The semifinals suited pretty much my style and I was able to top it with four other girls. This was my ticket to the finals! In finals, I could climb without any pressure and secured my second podium this year right after Jessica Pilz and Anak Verhoeven, who topped out als0 the finals. Antoher great success for me! 

European Youth Cup Lead Imst                       30./31.05.15

The EYC in Imst is always something special, as Imst is a climbing gym where I train quite often in summer. Additionally, my friends and family can come to support me here! The weather was nice and I made it again into finals. This time I could give 100% in finals and fell 2 moves before the top. I was really satisfied with my performance, but there were still a couple of  strong athletes to come. I couldn't believe that everyone fell below my highpoint and that it was enough for the win!!! This was my first international win ever und I can't describe how happy I was. Just a perfect weekend!

© Katerina Fišer

European Youth Cup Lead Dornbirn             09./10.05.15

The international season has started! I was really psyched to see how far I could go this year. The routes in the qualification were really hard and fun, but I made it through into finals in 4th position. With a sketchy section half way up the wall a few athletes were unsure how to solve it, including me. I concentrated too much on these moves at the observation and didn't notice there was a even more complicated section a few moves above. However, the moves I was worried about were really clear while climbing but the next ones unfortunately not... I fell out of the wall without being pumped. This was just enough for a 8th place, but the good with was that I knew I could do so much better! :-)

© Moritz Liebhaber

Austria-Cup Lead Dornbirn                                   02.05.15

Another week, another comp.
One week before the European Youth Cup in Dornbirn there was the second Lead Austria-Cup, perfect to test the current performance.
As I won my first lead competition in Dornbirn last year, I was psyched to climb there again. The routes were cool to climb and after a hard fight in finals I managed to take the third place right after Jessica Pilz and Katharina Posch. This was my first podium in senior category and I am more than happy!! 

© Andy Knabl

Austria-Cup Boulder Graz                                     25.04.15

Only one week after Ehrwald the next Austria-Cup was held in the brand-new bloc house in Graz. The qualification was tough concerning really hard boulders! And again, there were so many strong competitiors, just as Anna Stöhr, etc. 
In the end, I was able to send six out of eight boulders, which was surprising and I made it into finals in 6th position! 
The final boulders were even harder, but it was a lot of fun for me climbing my first senior boulder finals and finishing on 7th place! Even though I am mostly training for Lead, I really enjoyed this comp and I'm looking forward to the next. 

© Moritz Liebhaber

Austria-Cup Lead Ehrwald                                    18.04.15

Some weeks after Ried i competed in Ehrwald at the first Lead competition this year.
Some athletes of the team didn't start due to a preperation camp in cologne for the European Boulder Championship, so the chances of a good result were good. 
The climbing gym in Ehrwald is quite new and the walls are not that high, so the routes were set really powerful and technical. After the qualification round I was 2nd, which was better than I expected. The final route started on a slab and the moves there were really uncomfortable to climb. Unfortunately i did a mistake at the end of the slab right before the roof began by putting the wrong foot up really high and i fell. It was just enough for the 8th place.
Disappointing result, but better now than at a more important comp! :-)

© Katerina Fiser

Austria-Cup Ried Boulder                                     14.03.15

The first Austria-Cup 2015 in bouldering took place in Ried. Since I am in junior's category now I have to start in senior category at Austria-Cups! I ended up on 11th place, which made me quite happy because there were a lot of strong competitiors. 
I became 5th in junior's. Way to go!